August, 2011 § Leave a comment

It rained furiously that night. Irene (of course, at the time I didn’t know her name) was knocking at Honduras’ door. She must love Honduras like I do because all she did was just give it all the water it needed for crops and ushered in the rainy season before wreaking havoc in other locations. I slept tranquilly while Irene was pounding on the roof.

I had to wake up extremely early and was a zombie for the remainder of the day. Fading in and out of buses, airports, shops, coffee stops, gates, boarding passes. Just waiting and waiting and waiting for a door to open where everything would look familiar and kind.

Wynter, Kari, Jojo, and Emily came to pick me up at the airport. So good to see faces. So good to be at an airport with faces. Faces that mean something to me. Faces that hold memories. Faces that don’t let me think too much. Faces that don’t let me analyze. I don’t have to write about these faces in my journal. All there is to do is remember the past, treasure the present, and create the future. That’s what those faces mean to me. They said to me that everything’s… just fine.

Their presence and love filled me with energy and I insisted that we never separate. Kari, Elisa, and I went to Adam Jones’ house and they all let me be ludicrous. We talked about some meaningless stuff and they let me share about my trip. Thanks, guys. They let me share about my trip. They took interest. I must be extremely blessed to have friends like them. They let me share about my trip until 4 in the morning. I must be extremely blessed.


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