Day 10-Clear Water and A Glimpse

August, 2011 § Leave a comment

The next morning was Friday and I woke up very early feeling feverish. I escaped to the kitchen and took some medicine and went back to bed until Christine woke up and we had breakfast and talked about the events of last night. After Christine left for work I slept a little longer until I made myself get up at 9am and felt better after a shower.

That morning I packed and Iris and I went to the beach.

A tropical storm was coming [Irene!] so the beach looked beautiful with the white sky looming about the clear water. You could see the islands so clearly that one might have thought they could swim to them. Right at the shoreline the water was washing over pebbles that were all the colors of the rainbow and when we looked behind us Iris pointed out to me where they took Christine once to get beans.

Iris’ husband is 50+ years old and works on cargo ships. He is gone most of the time and Iris said he’d be back in September. I asked if he’d only stay for two months and she said he’d stay until February, or March, maybe April, or maybe he’d decide to stay, but probably not. Her husband owns the land where they get beans and I would love to meet him. Iris says so much good about him and if he’s anything like the man I would choose for Iris, he must be amazing.

But, the fact of the matter is that in Honduras marriages are almost never so simple that an amazing man marries an amazing woman and they live happily ever after. He was married before and has three grown daughters. Iris has never met his ex-wife, they’ve only seen one another from a distance. She says, “these are things that happen in life.” I agree and she asks me about my parents.

I’m not sure why but without a doubt Iris and I are kindred spirits. And, for her sake, I hope her husband comes back, and stays. A flower like Iris shouldn’t be left to wilt. It’s a crime against all things good and natural.

Marialis and her friend gathered beach fruits in buckets and bags and we went back to the house.

The guys wanted me to see the shop so I went over there and Don Victor gave me a thorough walk-through. The furniture they make is so beautiful. It’s actually funny that the first time I walked into Iris’ house I remember looking at her table and thinking to myself that it was a work of art [see Day 1-Family]. Maybe it’s because most Hondurans keep tablecloths on their tables but even if that’s all, that says something.

Come to find out, Don Victor and the boys made that beautiful, dark, shiny table with its luster and thick glazed surface. Don Victor offered to make furniture for my house when I marry a Honduran. That’s a relief, I have furniture. What else? Oh yeah… I’ll need a husband, a house… a job. Sweet of you, Don Victor. You’re the only one that’s got me on my way so far.

God, are you sure you don’t want to give me a glimpse at that whole, big picture that we’re supposedly only being shown a part of? I don’t need to know everything, just, some hints would be nice. Let me know.


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