Day 6-Teacher

August, 2011 § Leave a comment

I woke up in the morning and took the school bus back out to Rio Esteban. That bus. I still haven’t worked up the nerve to take pictures on the bus but I really have to. It’s something else, that bus.

The 2nd grade teacher didn’t come that day so Hannah and I taught the 2nd graders.

It was a challenge because I was trying to implement an American discipline in a Honduran classroom. I thankfully know enough of this culture to have recognized and adapted instead of frustrating everyone involved. Ew, that sounded so conceited. Typical.

Anyhow, they were 2nd graders so there was frustration involved but also a lot of cuteness and a rewarding feeling when they understood or enjoyed anything. One of them took my heart and it shows in the photos.

When I’m outside of a classroom I never think of myself as a teacher but once I’m in I realize why it’s what I chose. I truly enjoy it and feel content teaching. Like time passes more quickly. It’s good to sow seeds that were once sewn in you and that you’ve seen the fruit of. Especially when a bunch of adorable, dark faces fill the room.

[written 08/30:

Looking back, Deyni taught me a lot about being a teacher outside of the classroom. I tend to just want to be friends with kids when I’m not in front teaching them.

But, Deyni, she takes advantage of every opportunity to turn their hearts toward aspirations and more of Jesus. I want to be like that. She brought a teeny little [probably] 5-year-old girl to the youth group one of the nights I was with her and, on the way, she explained to the little girl everything that was going to happen and how important it is to listen to everything that the preacher says because he’s going to tell us about Jesus. She somehow made that little girl understand and every time I looked over at her, she was smiling sweetly and had her ears open. Amazing.

Then, there were the countless occasions that young kids from the neighborhood would stop by and ask for help with their homework. Whether they went to public school or Bictelia’s private school, they received the help that they sought after. And, anytime that Deyni or Delmy saw neighborhood kids they always asked if they had done their homework. If they hadn’t, they were gently and firmly scolded and exhorted to desire more from life and put forth their best effort.

Last night, when I was babysitting, I saw some of that in me. Every time I found myself gently scolding the kids, I also took the opportunity to explain to them what it means to respect authority. Then, when Douglas wanted me to sit down and go through a list of all the countries I’ve been to and every word I know in a different language, I started to take it a step further by showing him the countries on a globe and telling him how to say the languages in Spanish. Yes, a teacher. It suits me, sometimes. More and more, it suits me.]


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