Day 5-Dancing

August, 2011 § Leave a comment

Christine has apparently taught all of Lindy’s family how to cook. Which is funny for someone who came claiming she doesn’t know how to cook. I always admire her and Joelle for taking the bull by the horns with that one. We all cooked but those two came with the least experience and now will both undoubtedly make the best wives.

Anyhow, Christine taught Iris how to make pizza and tres leches so that’s what Iris made that night. I would die a thousand deaths to make tres leches a health food. I am of the belief that one of the milks in tres leches comes from a holy cow. Because HOLY COW it’s good! 😀

After we had eaten and discussed the happenings of the day, how old everyone is, and , of course, marriage, we decided to walk down to the park in Balfate.

It was a beautiful night with beautiful company.

At first, it was just us girls and little David so in the darkness, we decided to turn on some sinful music and dance. Because, here in Honduras, if you’re dancing in the light then it’s because you love darkness.

The girls loved when Christine and I danced. Of course, Iris and Mabel wouldn’t dance (Iris says she’s too old and Mabel said she had to control the music). So dance we did! [I love that expression, apparently.]

I love that they think I’m a good dancer. Little do they know,t he width of my hips wouldn’t allow me to be a bad dancer in Honduras. They probably think I’m dancing when I walk down the street.

Kevin and Aryan came walking on the path and once they arrived there was a lot of discussion about who would dance and little dancing. Of course no one there was my suitor and I didn’t much care what they thought about sin at this point so I could’ve just kept right on without any feeling of shame.

When we got back to the house I was 100% beat. I laid on the couch a while, then kissed all my sisters good night and went to bed.


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