Day 5-Suspended

August, 2011 § Leave a comment

This morning I caught the bus out to the hospital. Christine and I are going boating with her family today and after that horrible bus ride, it better be worth it! I should see if I haven’t missed church yet. Then again, I have gone twice already this week.


I went over to the cabildo where the missionaries have their church services. After taking a shower where the water moves over me effortlessly and grooming myself, I figured I have nothing better to do. And, it’d be good to go ahead and see them all to make arrangements for when I’m back in San Luis. So, I went.

It was good to see my girls again and I even got the treat of seeing Darwincito. My gosh, if I don’t go to the Children’s Center before I leave, I’ll die.

It was the normal, stale, awkward service that we always have. The Rumbaugh women led and between songs gave us tips on how to minister to Muslims… I don’t get it.

Christine showed up before the end of the video sermon they were watching (which was actually awesome) and we got on her moto and left. On the ride back, she got a call from the hospital so we turned around because there was a critical patient and they needed labs.

So, I had Benny buy me a grape soda and I went back to the service. I saw everyone as they trickled out. It’s so funny to me that this is the only time I’ll see most of them and some of them didn’t really know I was here. Not a single one knew when I came or when I’m leaving. I’m a horrible person for taking pleasure in this.

The Younts talked to me most and, in the typical manner, Sharon talked to me about school and wanted me to come up and chat. Shaw, of course, asked about my dad and wanted to make plans for me to come another time. I found out earlier this week that he had cancer and yet, even though Sharon made a comment about his being in Virginia a lot, none of them showed it.

Sharon went to the lab to ask Christine if she could have me for lunch. Christine said no, she’d be finished soon. Deibyn wanted attention and stole my purse so, while Christine finished, I called him and told him to bring it to the hospital. He did.

Peanut butter and jelly was a relief for me after so many redundant feasts out here in Rio Esteban. But, after lunch, I felt less and less relieved. I became exhausted and nauseous so I laid down for a nap while we waited for Edwin and Kevin to get back from Ceiba and take us out in the lancha (motor boat).

I felt a little better until we got to the beach. I thought for sure I would throw up or my stomach would just fall out. I sat down and explained ti to Lindy. She was sweet. The rest of them, out of ignorance not apathy, cheered me on to come help them pull the boat out.

I got up, pushed, felt nauseated, sat, repeat.

I was so scared that I would vomit when we got in the lancha but when it was zipping through the waves, I felt great.

Of course, the boys parked it by some rocks and got out with the spear gun and while we sat there and teetered I started strategizing where to chuck so it wouldn’t scare away the sea life.

The girls nagged enough and we were off again. Lindy didn’t really like the waves so we went to the coast and dropped her and some little ones off. We left again and now that Lindy was gone we were free to fly, and fly we did!

I couldn’t help but smile with all the wind and waves lifting us up, everyone bouncing and sliding and laughing.

The sickness left me so this time the Caribbean was my doctor, or my medicine. Either way, I told you it changes every time. It’s good to have a relationship like this because when you don’t know what to expect, you leave behind your expectations. And, when you have no expectations, things are either fine, or they’re great. They’ll at least be fine.

We flew over to the Balfate coastline and picked up two girls who were swimming in a group of about eight women. We went deeper and then jumped in the water.

I love swimming in deep water. It’s more like dangling or being suspended except you don’t have to be afraid of falling.

We put our greatest efforts into pushing that lancha out of the water, unsuccessfully. She didn’t budge. Edwin decided to use the car to pull it out. I joked about being able to drive. He double-checked and I was assigned to drive the truck while they all stood back and pushed the lancha.

Yes. A stick-shift. A challenge. An adventure. At times I was lucky enough to feel the boat pulling me back. The rope broke twice but, even on an incline, we were able to get it out on about the third try.


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