Day 4-Our Skin

August, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s another stark Honduran contrast moving from the Dump in La Ceiba to the mall. We went there for lunch.

I lost Delmy and that’s when Lisa told me that this was always the hardest part for her. She said she thinks she was embarrassed when Lisa used to pay for her lunch and that Delmy got quiet at the mall. I imagine it would be hard to go from a place where people have less to where they have much more than you. To me, they all have less, it’s only a matter of how much less.

But, as it turns out, Delmy had merely left her feminine products on the bed that morning and had to buy more. So simple.

We ate and some went grocery shopping. I tried to soak up the presence of those precious boys before we headed back. After the mall, we went to the airport. I had lost my suitcase full of bubbles and chalk in San Pedro Sula so they sent it to the La Ceiba airport. Getting the bag took me all of two minutes and I wonder why Honduras gives everyone else so much trouble.

Lisa took us all the way back to Rio Esteban. Eryn talked the whole way and even yelled at cows. I didn’t enjoy it, per say. But I didn’t mind, either, because Lisa was getting a kick out of it and I think Lisa deserves to get a kick out of things every once in a while.

Luis (Delmy’s brother) and Yeny (his wife) came with their baby to Bictelia’s house last night. He is so cute and so white that it paved the way for some good gringo jokes. Delmy and I went to the beach but didn’t last long in El Caribe because she spotted a jellyfish and I have no patience for them.

We walked on the beach and talked about how much her English has improved and how gringos never say what’s on their mind.

She thinks Lisa is mad at her for having stopped going to the Dump regularly. We also had the inevitable talk about why they didn’t go to the feria [a village’s yearly, month-long celebration of their saint] and how my friends drink, smoke, and play pool. But, we don’t dance…

Instead of partaking in feria, they go to church. To church we went! I felt beautiful with my beach hair and favorite dress. They asked people to come sing songs and a girl who lives in New York but has family in Rio Esteban sang,
“I love you Lord
And I lift my voice
To worship you”
Her name is Beverly, we met after the service.

I don’t like the men that preach at Delmy’s church. They yell. The one last night said, “mmmm” in between rants and rolled his r’s like crazy.

While we were singing beforehand a small, big-eyed angel caught my eye. He was staring at me with a huge grin on his face and wouldn’t stop smiling. I remember him from when I helped Delmy with the kids for the New Years Eve service. I motioned for him to come to me.

Somewhere during worship a young, beautiful black man came in and the little boy ran to him, wrapped his arms around him, and got swung in the air for a giant hug before the young man got on stage to play the drums. After that Daniel came and sat with me for the rest of the service. The beautiful black boy sat next to Beverly.

When they played the songs after the service I danced like I was born in Jamaica, with Daniel in my arms the whole time. I was full of joy.

After the service, Beverly invited me to go preaching. Some gringo from Funavid brought two of his disciples to church in Rio Esteban and afterward they walked around with a megaphone and a video camera preaching the gospel like the village people who hunted the beast. Delmy, Bictelia, and I went to a pulpería to get licuados (milk shakes). We shared a piece of bread pastry and looked strangely at the evangelists, making jokes about the camera. I gave that camera my best posture and sweetest smile, you better believe!

What I would give to see that footage, where I’m on the opposite side of gringo idiosyncrasies and in-sensitivities.

We walked home and shared our licuados after trying to hide the treats, to no avail. Bictelia told me about her life and we talked about the moon. She told me a joke about the moon whose moral was that, after time, the spark of love is gone. At least the joke was funny.


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