Dear Reader,

If you ask me, life is rather like an ocean. It is constantly ebbing and pulsing, like the waves. But, there is One that has it forever contained and controlled, in His right hand. When we look at the ocean, it’s hard to believe things are under control. Appearances from the shore tell us that salty water moves insouciantly tossing random sea paraphernalia. At times I look at the events of life and think the same. It’s hard to believe someone has dominion and authority over this swift existence. We believe, may He help our unbelief.

Many of you know that I will soon be returning to my heartland of Honduras to continue ministering there. This time, however, life in Honduras will be very different. I will no longer be surrounded by American missionary families. I won’t even be surrounded by the average Honduran per say. Making my home in the village of Rio Esteban, I will soon be immersed in a minority Afro-Carib group, the Garifuna. I will also have only one, steady job versus  my previous experience when I had about thirty fluctuating “tasks”.

I originally had planned on committing to one year at the school in Rio Esteban, but have changed my commitment to six months. You’ll see that referenced in the entries.

Because of all of these changes, I decided it would be nice to take a trip to Honduras and get a glimpse at what lies behind the door that God has opened and is leading me through.

Before I left for this trip, I had an odd craving to document everything. I’ve never journaled so consistently before in my life and have definitely never had the hunger to do so. This blog is one of a kind! I’ve spent a lot of time caring for it, editing, and re-editing so that you can go on this journey with me.

This blog contains nearly every event, big or small, and all of my thoughts, immature and profound. I’m really excited for you to dig in and start walking the streets (or dirt roads…) of Honduras with me in a way that you never have before! Without a doubt, it will be good for us.

Everything in this blog came straight out of my very own journal. The entries have made the journey from my thoughts and memories, to becoming words, and through the twitch and sway of my fingers, gravity pulled ink through a pen, which then lathered the pages of a journal that now sits on my bookshelf and, I’m sure, feels abandoned and pitiful, but hopefully ameliorated by its full pages. This is very real and personal and precious to me. Thank you for taking time out of your day to receive my expression.

A few tips:

[Text that you see in brackets like this was added post-journaling.] Stuff in brackets happened during the process of turning my journal into a blog and, therefore, everything in brackets was made just for you! I hope brackets give you the warm fuzzies.

Text that is separated like this signifies things that have come deeply from the heart. Or, in some cases, I just like the way a phrase like this sounds.

Either way, if you see text quoted like that, it means it’s intimate and has given me insight into myself and into things larger than me. I hope quotes give you the blood rushing like an ocean kind of feeling.

Ignore the dates! I had to make them weird so that you could just read down the page as if you were actually reading my journal. They are not the actual dates each entry was written. The posts aren’t even split up as my entries were originally split in the journal. Trust me, it’s easier this way. Don’t skip around! Read down the page, as if it were a book and, hopefully, you will feel as if you were walking through each day with me. Of course, this is even better because this is as if you were walking through each day with me AND reading my mind!

Please enjoy and, if you have something to say, don’t hesitate! I sure didn’t…

Well, go on now! Read my journal!
*Click “Journal” to the left*



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